Valient Thorr: The Alien From Venus

I have run across mentions or references of Valient Thorr throughout the years. It is said that he is a humanoid from Venus and came to Earth in the 1950’s and was met by the United States Government. There are several pictures of this man. The most information I have been able to find on Valient Thorr so far is from this website. Valient Thorr’s, or Valthor’s, message seems to be one of peace. In everything that I have read the jest of what he’s trying to do is prepare Earth for Christ. He says that humans are the only “fallen” race in the universe and that we are being watched by multiple alien species. He says he is from Venus, but from underneath the surface and is from a higher dimension than us. If you are curious and want to read more, there are a couple transcriptions of some of his messages available online both here and here. Alahoy!

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~ by harkiamsuperman on October 13, 2008.

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